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Virgin Diet Update – Cycle 1, Week 2

By Dawn Steveson – Office Manager

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. Romans 7:15

It’s Day 14 of Cycle 1. Sugar and I have been separated for two weeks…and I miss it…like Taylor Swift misses her ex that she wrote her latest break up song about. I’ve read the book; I’ve seen the science – sugar is destructive in the body and is addictive – so why do I still crave it? I walked by a package of Oreos yesterday at the grocery store and started drooling like Pavlov’s dog! I had to forcibly remove myself from the area before I did something I would later regret! How can one part of my brain know the damaging effects sugar has but another part demand I indulge anyway? According to J.J. Virgin, the thing you crave the most and the hardest is probably the root of your problem. Sugar, how could you be so sweet yet turn
on me?

Perhaps the best takeaway from this week, at least the most positive, is that I’ve maintained control. I have not cheated despite every.single.cell in my body screaming for something sweet! There have been tears…more than I’d like to admit. But those moments of weakness didn’t last long and believe it or not they did pass. I’ve noticed that I’m typically the weakest at the grocery store. I go to the “health food” section, read the ingredients, and shake my hands in frustration because there is always at least 1 ingredient that I can’t have. My brain screams, “Why are we doing this!? We can’t even eat healthy food that seemed disgusting to us pre-diet!” I then take a mental inventory of my “whys” and get my composure back…eventually!

The most discouraging result so far is the lack of movement on the scale; it’s barely given up 3 pounds! According to Virgin, a person can expect up to 7 pounds of weight loss in the first week alone! Despite that, my clothes do seem to be fitting better and I’ve had a couple friends notice a difference. Besides, I’m over halfway through…there’s no looking back now!

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