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Integrative Treatment for Children


As children go through different stages of development physically, their bodies endure a lot of stress. Even though kids don't complain about aches and pains the way adults do, they still benefit from chiropractic adjustments to help maintain their health.

What most people don't know is that for kids, the earlier they can experience integrative medicine, the more they'll benefit. Even during the birthing process, a baby's spine can be misaligned due to the intense pressure they receive as they are born. As they continue to develop, they may sleep in different positions, which may also contribute to misalignment over time. Young children in the toddler stage often fall or twist and strain their bodies as they learn to walk and explore.

We all know that kids enjoy watching TV and playing computer/video games. Most of the time, this means a child is sitting with poor posture for long periods of time. Hours of sports and games, wrestling and other activities mean stress on the spine and neck area. Children's bodies are designed to be resilient and they usually recover from small amounts of stress. But over time, consistence activities like long periods of sitting or carrying heavy items like backpacks can have serious repercussions on kids' spines.

Because of the amount of activities and exercise children are involved in, starting early with integrative care can help a young child develop with less discomfort.

Pediatric Care

Small children cannot communicate their discomfort to you like older kids can. When a baby is under stress or in pain, all they can do is cry. Ensure your child maintains a healthy nervous system and proper spinal development. As they grow, kids tend to act out more when issues with the spine are not treated. Things like colic, ear infections and ADHD can result from something as simple as a misalignment of the spine.

At Integrative Health, we can examine your child and determine the best way to treat them. Not only are our treatments gentle and safe, they allow children to relax more. If you are concerned about your child's spinal health, call our team at 260-338-1700 today.


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What Our Patients Are Saying

"I came in with migraines and Dr. Miller helped not only with adjusting my neck and back, but my overall health."
- Brock

"Dr. Miller helped me avoid a third back surgery."
- Jerry

"After a series of traction treatments my back is strong and well; two weeks after my first treatment with no rehab and a lot smaller bill!"
- Linda

"After 2 years of horrible sciatica, I am now pain free! I’m back to my old self!"
- Tonya

"I had tried everything and the Virgin Diet completely healed my IBS and I was feeling better within 2 weeks!"
- Shirley

"I believe strongly in the Virgin Diet coupled with Chiropractic Care that finally allowed me to be pain free after a year of constant pain."
- Christine

"When I follow Dr. Miller's instructions, I can have a relatively pain-free and joyful life. I get to keep my job, enjoy my grandchildren, sit comfortably, and sleep at night!"
- Lisa

“After my appointments, I can now be more active, sleep more comfortably, and focus better on my education without dealing with back pain. The Graston technique really helped with my scoliosis pain.”
- Daphne

“I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I have had a significant decrease in pain since I became a patient of Dr. Miller, and without prescription medications!”
- Jen

“As a dental hygienist since 1982, my back, neck, and posture have improved under Dr. Miller’s care. I also sleep better at night as a result of chiropractic adjustments!”
- Denise

“For years I have worked through the back pain that greeted me every time I started doing chores around my home. After only two treatments from Dr. Miller, I can honestly say that there was a significant change in the pain level I experienced. Since completing my treatment plan, most days I am pain free even while I am working around the house!”
- Marcos

“I have suffered from headaches since I was a teenager. I have never liked taking medication. I had done some research into alternative solutions. Acupuncture was not going to work since I don’t like needles. Chiropractic care sounded the most promising, but I never wanted my neck cracked. Since starting with Dr. Miller, I have only had a few headaches!”
- Tiah

"Dr. Miller is knowledgeable and thorough. He is personable and does a great job at addressing spinal issues and more."
- Gene

"What they do truly makes a difference in peoples lives everyday and has had made all the difference in my life!"
- Stephanie

"They take care of the problem and help you understand possible causes. They will also do rehab to help the issue as well, not just the adjusting."
- Jennifer

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