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Do You Have Back Pain?

Back Pain Symptoms

Back Pain – How Can I Deal With It?
Have you ever experienced back pain? 30 million Americans that suffered from back pain are helped each year by treatments that we provide in our office . Many people, like you, suffer from varying degrees of back pain: dull aches, sharp aches, numbness, tingling, spasm or uncomfortable tightness. Upwards of 80% of people will experience back pain in their lifetime. Many of them will choose regenerative medicine treatment for an effective, drugless, non-surgical option.

Common Causes of Back Pain

We commonly hear the following statements from people with back pain, “My Back Pain isn’t getting better and I’ve been told it might be a disc problem,” or “Won’t this just go away?” Symptoms like back pain are signs and signals from your body telling you to STOP and address the problem. Below are a few answers to those common questions:

“My Back Pain isn’t getting better, and I’ve been told it might be a disc problem.”

There are two types of Disc problems that can give someone back pain:

1. Bulging Discs are a common problem where a weakened area of the annulus (fibrous tissue) allows the softer jelly-like nucleus of the disc to bulge outward like a balloon. This outward bulging can put pressure on the nearby nerves. Bulging disc cases respond well to the treatment we provide in our office.

2. A Herniated or Ruptured Disc can be more serious. These types of problems can occur anywhere in the spine but are most commonly seen in the low back. This is when part of the jelly-like nucleus pushes out of the annulus and into the spinal canal. These injuries are usually due to trauma or long term degeneration.

"Given Time, won't this back pain just go away?"

Given time it might just go away. It might also come back. If you avoid addressing back pain, it might may return with a vengeance! Untreated pain comes at a cost. Pain causes inflammation and inflammation leads to arthritis, not the other way around.

We can provide you with a drugless, non-surgical option for your back pain. We will do our best to help you. Call us at 260-338-1700 to learn more.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

"I came in with migraines and Dr. Miller helped not only with adjusting my neck and back, but my overall health."
- Brock

"Dr. Miller helped me avoid a third back surgery."
- Jerry

"After a series of traction treatments my back is strong and well; two weeks after my first treatment with no rehab and a lot smaller bill!"
- Linda

"After 2 years of horrible sciatica, I am now pain free! I’m back to my old self!"
- Tonya

"I had tried everything and the Virgin Diet completely healed my IBS and I was feeling better within 2 weeks!"
- Shirley

"I believe strongly in the Virgin Diet coupled with Chiropractic Care that finally allowed me to be pain free after a year of constant pain."
- Christine

"When I follow Dr. Miller's instructions, I can have a relatively pain-free and joyful life. I get to keep my job, enjoy my grandchildren, sit comfortably, and sleep at night!"
- Lisa

“After my appointments, I can now be more active, sleep more comfortably, and focus better on my education without dealing with back pain. The Graston technique really helped with my scoliosis pain.”
- Daphne

“I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I have had a significant decrease in pain since I became a patient of Dr. Miller, and without prescription medications!”
- Jen

“As a dental hygienist since 1982, my back, neck, and posture have improved under Dr. Miller’s care. I also sleep better at night as a result of chiropractic adjustments!”
- Denise

“For years I have worked through the back pain that greeted me every time I started doing chores around my home. After only two treatments from Dr. Miller, I can honestly say that there was a significant change in the pain level I experienced. Since completing my treatment plan, most days I am pain free even while I am working around the house!”
- Marcos

“I have suffered from headaches since I was a teenager. I have never liked taking medication. I had done some research into alternative solutions. Acupuncture was not going to work since I don’t like needles. Chiropractic care sounded the most promising, but I never wanted my neck cracked. Since starting with Dr. Miller, I have only had a few headaches!”
- Tiah

"Dr. Miller is knowledgeable and thorough. He is personable and does a great job at addressing spinal issues and more."
- Gene

"What they do truly makes a difference in peoples lives everyday and has had made all the difference in my life!"
- Stephanie

"They take care of the problem and help you understand possible causes. They will also do rehab to help the issue as well, not just the adjusting."
- Jennifer

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